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Robert Lawson

I think the writing is on the wall boys…..

Sam sent a note the other day, the only date open to us in October now is the 24th…. a Sunday. I didn’t have to ask what happened to our 30-31 weekend, OR why we are pushed to a Sunday a week earlier. It also will not surprise me when we don’t get a date in April either. Time will tell all.

Looking at the trend lately I may start doing more to help the local race events. The “MEGA” races being pushed are getting all the help they need, its the little guy that’s taking it in the rear and if he goes we’ll all be in trouble.

The big number events belong at BIG facilities. M-O proved its out of its league for the number of people there. Pittsburg will be worse yet, with the same limited (congested) pit/track access and giant parking lot (paddock) the circuit itself is still too short/small for 100+ karts on track at one time.

Bigger isn’t always better. Especially if it results in unqualified overcrowded pack-racing classes of drivers creating a MEGA insurance liability for us all.

That’s all I’ll say….