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Robert Lawson

OK, so I’ve made a few changes and really looking forward to the months ahead.

1. The Anderson chassis will be headed to Utah to the USKGP race this coming weekend. It will be picked up and brought to Blackhawk where JW will collect it. I’ll take possession of the chassis and bits at Gingerman Labor Day weekend.

2. After consulting with a Twin kart guy I have decided NOT to build that kart after all. Knowing how cheap they are selling for now just makes it impossible to do without going backward in a big way financially.

2a. I will build that kart up as an F-125. I have all the bits AND a complete engine package to complete this.

3. I have a 250 engine. Its been in most of the videos from the garage for quite some time now. If you pay attention its located under the mini TV on the workbench in the corner of the garage where all that glass block is located.

SO…. I think, I’m very heavily leaning, in the direction of….. an Unlimited 250 single. And a Yamaha at that! This is double sweet for me as I have always been a Yamaha bike guy and buying Honda’s out of necessity had just killed me. But, I get to do a 250 much like the F-125….. with an Engine No One Else is running!!!!!!

I better get this trailer painted in a hurry!!!!!!!