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Robert Lawson

Well the “sale” is pending, thought I’d have delivered it already by the enthusiasm the guy had.

I have been shopping for an Anderson Chassis to build either a 125 or 250 single Super Kart on. Gonna give the semi-sit up thing another try, this time in a purpose built Chassis.

My back is giving me at-the-track-trouble, I get very bad full leg cramps at night after climbing in and out of the laydown all day. Its a nerve issue related to the surgical sight and my continuing to bend or hinge at that fused point. No way around it with the Enduro, you HAVE to bend to get in and out. Until another ride is available to me I’ll try ice and my brace each time I get out until climbing back in….. those cramps are Hellacious!!!!

Having thoughts of doing the “Twin” mod to my former Daytona Project chassis because I’ve never done one and want to see how it turns out. The Dual karts are not very popular but there is a push to get some together so maybe building one will help that Class to grow a bit.

There are plenty of F125 karts out there just sitting, the culture that ruined the class is just about extinct and I can see a resurgence coming if what added to its demise doesn’t return. With the popularity of the 125 TAG growing and its multiple Manufactures its not a stretch to see them combined with F-125  to form/reduce class structure. To be honest, not sure why it hasn’t happened already?

A lil update on a Saturday, looking forward to the October track  time now!