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Robert Lawson

Just watching the weather now…..

Spoke to Dave Larson about bending his rules just this once and letting me just run Friday. He must not have an abundance of pre Friday entries because he IS allowing just Friday entries. If you are not interested in Racing but just want to cut laps in your kart…. come out for Friday. And…. bring 2 different karts like me and run 2 groups of practice all day!!!!!!!

The “Flat” 4 banger is finished, still having trouble with the front brake system on the Zip but its close enough to go shake down. Will be heading out there Thursday afternoon if the current weather forecast holds up and making a weekend of it.

Our “secret project” kinda fell through. We were going to build a Twin from the ground up for Todd Lorang but he found a complete kart for pennies¬† on the $$$ compared to building from zero so I told him to BUY IT! So, I’m now in a “smoke um if you got um” position. Heck with it, I’m gonna go out and run as many laps in both karts as I can get then come back and get busy with my to-do list.

Hope to see Y’all there, I’ll be in Garage #1