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Robert Lawson

Plans are up for adjustment just about daily here… Now Grattan is 50/50!

I’ve been spending time & $$$ working on the 4 banger instead of the trailer. In my defense it has been RAINING quite a bit the past week. Skipping Grattan to get the Zip and 4 banger DONE and off to Storage, rehabbing the side door and painting the trailer IS possible before doing a Nelson trip if the weather plays along. This is the right and logical move, we have not made a Nelson event since its comeback at the start of this Thread!

I think I just talked myself into it……

I DO have the weekend dates for the Fall Test at Grattan. Its late, very late, as late as you can get!!! October 30-31. I do have a few new guys inquiring about it though so that’s a plus. I look at it this way, if its not freezing its worth it.

“Racing” is now getting SO out of hand financially its just not attractive, or even feasible anymore. At the track fees of $145 for a 30-45 minute window with 2x 8 minute AM tune-up runs is not a good value. Add the 35-40 $ pass, the 20-25 $ “member fee” , a garage or camping and your at $350-$400.  When events have 1000 entries….. its not about the lease or bills, its about banking the $$$$$$$$$$$!  Lease costs have not gone up, most tracks MADE $$$ because of the bug via USGOV payouts last year. Race fees shouldn’t be as high as they are, unfortunately greed has crept in.

Its a wonder we have trouble at times getting a guy to spend the same $350-$400 (round trip!) for 14 hours of private track time. Its an attitude, its not about points or awards or even FREE useable karting gear/stuff…. I’ve tried that too. No, its a mental thing I guess…. they just wont spend the $$$ for the enjoyment!

I’m called Foolish all the time for not “gettin’ mine”. No, instead giving back is for me much more rewarding. I’d just blow the $$$ anyway!!!!!

See Y’all!!!