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Robert Lawson

Heading out to Grattan NEXT weekend for the CES event.

I’ll be running either the 4 banger with a Revely Flathead on Alky or the Vintage kart…. maybe on Alky!!!! After Grattan we’ll probably be down for a bit as I try to get things together. Secured a climate controlled storage unit to stock pile product and to house finished karts etc while we build, paint, and make fiberglass bits back home. A 2nd Daytona kart for a customer will be a big deal for our little home business but will also require all of our attention if we are to start & finish it on time. Hence needing the storage now enabling us to build my 125 and this other kart side by side all at once.

Very excited about my meeting with Chris at MI Fiber Glass Sales. We are starting the process of designing, 3D printing, molding and producing NEW enduro bodywork. I have been working on this on and off for 3 years, just recently did Chris show a great deal of interest in my Daytona project and the possibility of producing quality parts for karts. This is WAY overdue for the karting community, short of a new “style” of nose here and there nothing has changed since first putting glass body’s on karts back in the 80’s.

The Repsol deal is just sitting there waiting for me to make the call and place my order. We are quickly outgrowing the 2 garages and with any luck will be looking at a Building. Hopefully before the end of Summer. Many other dealer items are set up and waiting for that building as well. We have not made a move because I have a bad feeling about where we are going as a Nation and how that will adversely affect a small business.

So we go slowly, which is very hard for a guy who likes to step on the Gas!

More coming,