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Robert Lawson

We worked out a deal and Sold the Slingshot Chassis!! So we’ll be delivering 2 karts at Mid-Ohio!

This frees up some spares for the karts we are going to keep and run, which is good. We were always good at blowing up air cooled/clutch kart engines back in the day and now we have some breathing room!!!!

Things are falling into place nicely, we remain on the projected schedule for the next month. All is well.

I am mulling tossing a paint job on the F-125 when I do my new helmet since I’d be spraying all the same colors anyway. We’ll see, the paint on that thing is 11 years old, its due.

It looks like Grattan will be a stupid fun weekend taking the 4 banger with a different engine (or engine’s?) AND the TS Kart with the ARC/Comer and a big Tillotson carb for Rich and I to play with. Just out to play….. like back in the day, no competition to chase just running laps. Looking forward to it!

Trying to enjoy what we’ve been given, for as long as its still possible!

Fall Test info will be coming soon, be Well Y’all!