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Robert Lawson

Mild then Hot, now Cold! The weather cant make up its mind!

Just hammering away here in Roseville regardless of the weather! The steering and brakes on the Zip kart will be done-N-done this weekend. Will have to wait to bleed the brakes until a few more bits arrive but I’ll be able to move on to mounting the tanks, then engine & pipe. We will easily have this kart done before taking a weekend off to visit at Mid-Ohio in 3 weeks.

Knowing that, I’ll get over to Rich’s and remove the antifreeze from the F-125. I have all the bits for the “hot water tank” fab’d up. Need a final fitting to properly locate the inlet/outlet fittings before welding it up and completing the installation. Will also be mounting new tires on it for Nelson. While doing that I’ll have Rich weld the front wheel halves we made up into 1 wheel so I dont have to mess with it anymore. A little carb work/resetting and that kart will be ready to run. (Todd, you better be there!!!)

Not sure about Grattan just yet, we’ll probably go and run some clutch karts. Having the Daytona kart in a shakedown form by Nelson is unlikely BUT opens the door for a Pitt trip which I’d like to do to run the Vintage gig there on Friday.

So, between M-O and Grattan (about a month) I think finishing off the trailer projects and doing a bunch of painting will fall right in that gap quite nicely. I’ve been looking at these blow-up Spray booths…. maybe buy one and paint the trailer in it THEN rent the darn thing out and get my $$$ back!!! We’ll see.

We will attend Mike Kramb’s Memorial Service tomorrow morning. Damn cancer…. he was only a year or 2 older than me. Great memories of “Cuz” and I racing together at Daytona, one day were on the Beach waxing our karts and the next chasing each other around the Speedway! I had his number all week down there, come race time we took off and he drove by waving at me!! After the race I asked WTH happened, he said he had been “saving his engine” all week!!!! In his memory we will rebuild his pristine “California Quicksilver” and select one of the many engines he supplied us with….. hoping to do a run in it next April.  Godspeed Brother!!!

Hope Y’all are Well, see you soon!