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Robert Lawson

The CKT Slingshot chassis (kart 2) has been up for sale for 1 week. Talking with a few folks but no $$$ here yet so we’ll let it ride for now. I won’t be taking it to M-O to sell, only to deliver to a pre paid buyer. At the track I’ll get lowballed and I just don’t want to deal with it. Instead, if it doesn’t sell we’ll drop one of our Yamaha’s on it, a clutch from the collection and a pipe. Throw a body on it and let Kenny & Rich run it OR offer it for rent. Its too nice to just give away. We already had decided to keep the TSR Hurricane chassis kart and put our ARC/Comer piston port engine on it with yet another clutch from the collection and a pipe. Because we intend to use this ride for newbies, like our 4 banger, we will experiment with it a bit and add a Tillotson carb scrapping the Walbro in an attempt to make it run a bit better.

If ALL of what we would like to do actually comes to be…. I’ll have gone from 2 karts and the 4 banger to 6 karts altogether with the Daytona kart coming along as well!!!! We are gonna need a bigger trailer!!!!

Honestly, we’d bring certain karts to certain events. Take M-O for instance, no chance I’d run the Vintage kart there in this run group:

Race 3
4-Cycle Sprint 360 Final 1, Vintage Piston Port USA Final 1, Yamaha Sportsman Sprint Final 1, KART CIK Yamaha Sprint Final 1, 100cc Air Cooled TaG Senior Sprint Final 1, 100cc Air Cooled TaG Junior Sprint Final 1, TaG Junior Sprint Final 1, Junior Sprint Final 1, CIK/LO206 Heavy Final 1, Clone Sprint Final 1, LO206 Sprint Final 1, 4-cycle Junior Sprint Final 1, KART CIK/LO206 Open Heavy Final 1.

Take a look at THAT mess, which class doesn’t belong in there??? ALL sit up classes except that Vintage class of MINE!!! No thanks!

The F-125 race group does look attractive though:

Race 2
Formula 125 Final 1, Formula 100 Final 1, Yamaha Pipe Final 1, Yamaha Sportsman Heavy Final 1, Junior Enduro Final 1, Air Cooled 100cc TaG Enduro Final 1.

At a Grattan or Gingerman (CES) all the enduros regardless of type all run in the only laydown race group of the day. So again we can choose what to bring and what to leave home. In any case, if motivated, we could carry 4-5 karts between the truck & trailer. That would would make for an interesting weekend indeed!

Once past fitting up the new steering shaft kit and rods the Vintage kart will fall right together. Finishing it should be ahead of schedule. The other karts will be projects for Rich and Kenny to put together while I hit the Daytona kart hard after M-O. Very little to address on the F-125 before Nelson so we will be painting helmets and the trailer in no time.

Busy is good, it distracts from the obvious.

Hang in there Y’all!!!