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Robert Lawson

Hey Y’all,

I’m just about finished with this 2nd kart that will be headed to Mid-Ohio to be sold. Hopefully delivered, as I have been talking with a very interested buyer for over a week. As I see this interest in the enduro formula and get inspired by it, I’m also concerned to see whats happening to the format at Road Race events. The attitude and lack of concern for the participant by the Orgs and Clubs as dictated by the class structure and race grouping is troubling. Personally I stay away for that reason, and only a wide open circuit OR a small group like a Track day seems comfortable to me.

I’m taking all my GoPro’s to Mid-Ohio to document the goings on, I have a feeling the 5 red flags of 2020 will be outdone this June.

Just a heads up, the costs have not gone up, like everything else today its all about the $$$.