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Robert Lawson

Its a transition day…..

After rebuilding & repairing the complete brake system on Larry Rumsey’s B-Stock kart I delivered it to him Saturday on the West side of the State. Taking Sunday to catch up on the overgrown lawn and tidy up the bench in the garage its an easy day of Bank deposits!

The Garage needs a MAJOR Spring clean out as the Winter crap has really piled up. No better time than tomorrow! No really, Wednesday is garbage day!!!! I should be well into the Vintage kart by Wednesday and back on the proverbial schedule. Our New Welder is finally headed to us so no more delays in any of the projects I have to do.

1. Vintage kart finished ready for Grattan
2. sale/sold karts ready for Mid-Ohio
3. Full Steam Ahead on the Daytona Streamliner (big news coming)
4. Ready the F-125 for Nelson

That leaves a Pitt trip to test and/or a Grattan or MIS test for the southbound karts headed to Daytona before it gets too cold. THAT is the year for me, Spectating at M-O, Vintage ride at Grattan, F-125 BIG carb/BIG Pipe shakedown ride at Nelson and a fingers crossed end of the season shakedown of the Streamliner before getting it dressed up for the BIG run at Daytona.

We are deeply contemplating the offer of an “Unlimited Package” to fit on our Daytona project. We’ll have to see what the details of that “offer” is before elaborating further.

Enjoy the day Boys (and Girls!) we dont know how many more we have!!!