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Robert Lawson

Pluggin’ along here and starting to look forward to spectating at M-O.

Parts coming any day now so the Twin kart brake project will be done and we can deliver it back to Larry Rumsey in West Olive real soon.

We have run out of room in 2 garages here!!! Karts on every wall, cleaning, polishing, repairing, reworking, rebuilding, fab’n, welding! Chasing down parts and pieces and working on getting all these karts either in someone’s hands, or ready to run on Track.

Our 4 banger is getting a new engine! Well, new to us anyway. We will go old school as a good friend has offered what they had stored up in the form of Brigg’s Flatheads. Lets be honest, if we WANT to run it….. they’ll take our $$$ and give us the time. Again, this ride is still primarily for newbies but will also serve as a source of just plain fun for anyone! We also have added 1 of the 3 Mike Tracy karts we obtained to the RPM stable as a 2 stroke “trainer” to serve the same purpose as the 4 banger. It will have the ARC PP engine with Horstman axle clutch and RLV A4 pipe. BOTH these karts will be finished with full enduro bodywork.

I still have the side door on the trailer to refurbish AND the Paint Job and New Logo to get on it before hauling it back to a race track! When it arrives all newly spruced up it will be stocked with Repsol products as well.

Still hoping to get to JW’s with Tony C and test our Repsol oil against others on the dyno. With the constant development of their products and devotion to World Championship Performance I’m confident where it will stack up against the competition.

They say Snow tonight…. I say bring it, we are past the Test weekend and I have long put the shovel away…. I have no intention of frettin’ over snow. We’ll keep pluggin’ away…

till next time Y’all!!!