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Robert Lawson

I’m Back!!

My PC finally gave up the ghost. It will not do the boot repair and its got a new hard drive. The Motherboard, Processor and RAM drive are all 10-12 years old so that has been blamed. I have all the Test Weekend videos on that HD, one day I’ll get the files off it OR get the new board and bits and resurrect it. Its been down for a week, I couldn’t take anymore… I went out and bought a brand new Dell PC that is so squeaky clean it echo’s!!!

Now the real work starts, we have a bunch of karts to work on and get ready for various dates coming up. We have 2 left hand drive Enduro’s being cleaned up and readied for our Vacation to Mid-Ohio!! We are taking these karts to sell, not to run. No trailer or karts going with us to M-O, just a sales trip and a little R&R with old friends. Then its right back to it when we get home building the Daytona Special.  The Zip kart is getting the finishing touches to the new spindles/brake mounts right now, then its straight down hill with the reassembly to run it at Grattan in mid July. It should be ready before M-O. The F-125 we tested at Grattan still has that water temp reading issue so changing the gauge did nothing to help. I have a Direct Mount liquid filled 0-250 degree dial Water Temp gauge to mount in a newly fabricated aluminum elbow  just out of the head. That kart was super fast at Grattan so its sorted and will be ready to run at Nelson. With any luck we’ll have the Daytona kart ready for a shakedown run that weekend too and kill 2 birds with 1 stone. If not we have Pitt, a Grattan Fall Test, or an MIS Oval Only test to get it on track to check out all the mechanical’s before showing the world its new dud’s!

As we all catch our breath after Grattan its gonna be a very busy Spring and start to Summer. I hope the “weather” holds out, if you know what I mean…. There is surely a storm on the way, its not a matter of if…. but when.

GOD Bless Y’all!