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Robert Lawson

Been home a few hours now and if the early stages of “re-entry” are ANY indication…. I’ll be paying for those laps ALL WEEK!

I’m sore and have tender/bruised spots in multiple places!

T3 and the Bowl were in VERY BAD condition. Even some of the CIK guys said it was rough through these areas. 3 was so bad, IMHO, there was NO line to avoid the “positive pouting cracks” that were literally raised up 1/2-3/4″ above the rest of the track surface. My best guess is water got into these cracks when exposed and then froze, this led to the sealer spread over the surface to swell to a peak, and in the case of the bowl as we ran on it these peaks broke off and started a deterioration. It started spreading “gravel” on the surface which the boys went out to sweep during mid day break Saturday afternoon. If left unattended it will result in exactly what was going on in T1 last year – large areas of sealer missing like 3/4″ deep potholes!!!

IF I actually go back in July to run the CES event I won’t bother to bring the F-125. Maybe the vintage kart, it seems to be far more acceptable in a slower/low HP ride for sure.

Not sure the “boys” want to do the major repairs at this point. Its probably fine for Bikes & Cars and with just 1 kart “race” per calendar season AND the fact these guys are ready to sell and retire….  not holding my breath.

We had a windy day Saturday, sunny…. but the coolness of that steady wind didn’t turn mild until 2:30 which made for a long day. AND wind burn! I didn’t turn any laps until Sunday when the group was kinda self-serve, no “visitors” or late arrivals to watch for so it was a full day of long green flag sessions with no work for me to do. The new guys had mixed results but there were NO incidents and our 100% safety record is still in Sterling condition.

Dinner went over very well, we went through 60 plates and Curt guessed right on the button for lbs per person!!! The Wife asked that I order extra lbs of Smoked Pork so I could bring some home, we will be eating good for days!!!

Larry Rumsey
Bob Cole
Bob Kurkowski
Kenny & Rich Lawson

……. for helping out and adding to the convenience & service of these “Test Days”!!!

Pic’s & Video will be along soon

I’m on the Lazy-Boy Y’all, back soon!