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Robert Lawson

If you woke up (or in my case went to bed…) and saw SNOW on the ground fear not!

There is NO SNOW on the ground at Grattan!!!

Our forecast STILL looks fabulous, with NO issues other than a chill in the air early on.

We are GO, GO, GO for the entire weekend!!!!

Bring race gas/fuel there is none at the track this early in the season.
Bring anything you’ll need to hold you over in the daytime hours BOTH days as I will be providing after Track time Dinner for all Saturday evening only.

Also, for anyone (like me) whom doesn’t want to drive home Sunday night you can stay over, right in the upper paddock, and head out on Monday. There is no charge for any camping, power, or garages the entire weekend.

I plan to arrive no later than 4 pm Friday at which time you will be let in to camp, unload, or drop off.

Gate open at 7am each day, closing at 10 pm Fri/Sat

Driver meeting at 8am, orientation for newbies right after, live track at 9am.


Have a Safe Trip, we’ll see Y’all at Grattan!!!