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Robert Lawson


Ugggh! Finally got my PC back and running, just in time!!!

Bring all the tires & fuel you can boys because we have one heck of a WEEKEND filled with Perfect Weather on tap!!!!!

There will be no track drying, no waiting on the frost or freezing temps to subside….. were gonna have 2 gorgeous days April 3-4 at Grattan.

We will run some 2 group sessions until the newbies get a handle on how to get around then its ALL OPEN TRACK TIME!

We WILL take a mid day break BOTH days for the EMT’s and Marshalls since we did get the full 2 days in.

Check this weather:  Dark Sky – 7418–7678 Lessiter Rd NE, Belding, MI

70 on Sunday…. Easter….. Prayer works boys!!!