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Robert Lawson

OK, just inside the 2 week mark now….

A couple things to keep in mind.

* We will NOT take the standard “lunch” break. To get as much On Track time as possible I worked out a deal with the Marshals to work through out the day.

* I will feed ALL drivers and crew, EMT’s, Marshals, and any volunteers in the MX garage immediately following the end of On Track activity at 5PM. A BIG Thank You to Larry Rumsey for supplying the munchies, sides, and hardware for the feast. Curt will smoke up some Brisket and Pork Butt right there at the Garage and prepare a great meal for all of us. I will have bottled water to offer to drink, otherwise its BYOD.

With this being End of the Day you are welcome to get it “take out” – “dine & dash” or stay and hang…. I am staying over and not heading home until Sunday reschedule or not!

SUNDAY WILL BE OUR RAIN DATE!!! Boys, Easter or not this was the date we were offered. IF the entire weekend is obviously not looking good I will shut it down no later than Thursday AM and contact each of you. A reschedule for a weekday OR complete cancelation will then be worked out. A last second reschedule at the track will result in a “show up” fee being administered. Its imperative once the call is made we make the best of what we get. Last October we were clear of rain but there was a gray/overcast day in the forecast. Well, it rained overnight! With the 18 hour old pavement in T1 being a bit water resistant we lost about 2 hours drying the track and blowing down T1. BUT…. we still got a ton of laps!!!!

The Std format will be in place, we will have a 1 hour Lunch break with food for all in the MX garage.

So, just be prepared for a change and lets hope we won’t need to!!!!

More coming??? Yes, there is always More!!!!