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Robert Lawson

We continue to have good fortune out in Belding as the weather is really playing nice!

I sent out a LAST CALL notice early this week to all whom did not return a note after the first message went out. I got nothing back. A couple guys have come on board I was not really expecting but they are singles, we are still quite short of the 2 day Lease. With just a week to go to collect and get finances in order I’m officially calling it a 1 day gig boys.

We will shoot for Saturday 4-3, watch the weather and make adjustments if needed. Sunday 4-4 will be next as a reschedule date so keep it open. ANY call to change will be made no later than Thursday 4-1 PM. Keep checking here for updates, I’ll post each day that week.

IF the next week produced fruit then you 2 days guys will be right back on top of it. If not, as always, I’ll have a cash refund for the 2nd day for each of you. Some have already said to roll it into the Fall test session. That’s an option too but it will be available at the Track.

This is the weather I will be making my judgement from:


Save it or check back here to see what’s happening.

Friday and weekend details will come over the next week or so.

I think we are going to get a beautiful day out there, we’re due!!!

Back soon!