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Robert Lawson

Sorry bout the delay!

I did talk to Curt AND Max at the track on Sunday and its looking very good out there!!!

The only snow remaining was on the flat between the Bowl and T10, probably due to the late day sun and the trees. NO running water anywhere, its melting at what seems to be the perfect rate. The ground has been soaking it in, no puddling on the grass means its going great!

Now, if we can just avoid any large amounts of rain in the next 3.5 weeks we’re good to go.

I think the temps will be favorable. We are overdue for an unseasonably warm weekend in April out there.

Nothing new on the 1 day vs 2 day call yet. We are still plugging along at the rate I expected, if we get that unusually warm week maybe a big rush will come at the last minute. The projection still looks like we will come up a little short of the 2 day.

On a different note, there has been talk again of doing the Oval Only pre Daytona Test at MIS this Fall. Unlike the other facilities MIS has plenty of weekend dates to work with as the trees change color…. some even sooner.

More to Come!