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Robert Lawson

4 short weeks to go!!!

Other than an errant snow pile remnant….. ALL the snow here is GONE!

Anything can happen, but I’m praying we are done with the accumulation of frozen precipitation.

Action at the mailbox has slowed to a trickle…. but it hasn’t stopped completely. Looking over the list of those whom responded positively after the message push 2 weeks ago AND the paid list of entrants I have it looks like a squeaker for a full weekend. We are either going to make it to the dime, or fall slightly short.

That said, we will easily make a single so I’m sleeping well!

Working away on these karts too!!! All the Paint work is finished on that Zip and I made all the new spindle bits for it today. Hope to be back on schedule and getting this thing closer to track ready very soon. The F-125 sits in wait and probably won’t get its upgrades until AFTER April! I have repair work to finish and 2 more karts coming in the door. All the unfinished Fall work needs to be done before too long as well….. I really don’t have time for the weather to postpone this Test and ruin all my perfectly executed procrastination!!!!

More Coming Y’all, I’ll have an update on the Track Grounds late this week!