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Robert Lawson

Sent out a mass of email & text yesterday to just about every contact I have from past Test Days….

The response has been overwhelming, my incoming text notice was going off like a popcorn machine! The Paypal blew up!

We are off to a Great Start, I couldn’t be more impressed!

Last year was a Record Setting Achievement. 75 mixed entries, over 2 full days of Testing, on consecutive WEEKDAYS! Granted, the Bug put us in a “lock down” for awhile and being the first opportunity to Play with a kart probably had a large impact on that Achievement. But I’ll tell you, we have never had a first day rush like this.

Its my Birthday today so the timing is perfect! Waking up to a foot of snow was a bummer but we have a little over 6 weeks for things to turn around. If it doesn’t, the input I have received is very positive for moving to weekdays in better/warmer weather. I think we could still pull off a double even if we have to move from April.

As we get more entries the picture will become more clear. We may just have the bonus option waiting for warmer temps. It sure worked out last June didn’t it!!!

Much more to come,