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Robert Lawson

I was going to wait on the April Test info but I have been getting a bunch of interest so lets just go ahead and do it.

Our dates are April 3-4.

If we have participation for 2 days, cool. If not, anyone sending 2 day fees will get a refund on the difference in Cash at the track. IF the weather is not favorable for that Sat/Sun in April I will look to push out to a weekday, possibly in May, no less than 2-3 weeks BEFORE Mid-Ohio in June.

Its a lot of work, but, I WILL work with each of you on a weekday that suits your needs. Having to move 2-3 times last year proves that anything can be accomplished if everyone is willing to work together.

Once the season starts here in our region testing will not be very attractive to some. At this point I do not intend to race at Mid-Ohio so if there were still enough of you who want to try something later in the Summer, on a 75-80 degree weekday….. I’m game.

Just be aware that we could very well have to change from an April weekend to a weekday in better weather.

There has been no change in cost this year…. the first Positive of 2021!

All the same things are in play, early arrival, overnight camping, garage use, extended stay camping, lunch/dinner, etc.

1 day= $225
2 day= $325

Check or MO here:

Robert Lawson
17731 Ivanhoe St.
Roseville, MI. 48066

PayPal here:


Use the Frens/Fam option please so no fee is required, after all… we ARE Family right!!!

Hang in there Y’all!