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Robert Lawson

While waiting for info on spindle parts I moved to primer mode on the Zip Kart. Got the chassis primed in the Zinc Chromate, will get the tanks caught up through that process as well before hitting all of it in a catalyzed Urethane primer as a base for the paint. That long tank Rich welded needed a bit of filler, I was gun shy on trying to remove the low area again and take a chance of screwing up his nice weld job so fillin’ it was my only alternative. I added a bunch of Aluminum grindings to the Polyester filler (bondo) which really helps stop the shrinkage. Don’t want the filler to be visible after paint & clear.

I also started/added to that Big Pump Carb project! While waiting for bondo & primer to dry I started working on the bore of that carb. After breaking it down to install the rebuild kit I decided to remove the Std. choke shaft air flo stabilizers from the bore since we removed the manual choke anyway. After doing that I went 10/10 ths by smoothing &  polishing the bore. It turned out really nice, like a mirror!

Contacted the paint additive place and complained, my shipment is lost….. They sent out a second order FedEx 2nd day for free… it will be here Tuesday. Just in time to start applying some color!!!

So, things are working out in the end….. aaannnnnnd I think that trend will continue!

I have been getting inquiry’s on the April dates. Unlike the past I will not be advertising a free for all involving anyone who sends a dime. I also wont look past just 1 day. I’ll only solicit to former participants and once I have a single day…. DONE. Too may foolish types getting involved recently, because its not a “race” event they don’t take the rules seriously so no more dudes just out to turn laps. I too have a program to run and cant get anything done while babysitting the group. So this Spring, when I say there is very little room left….. I’ll mean it.

Talk soon!