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Robert Lawson

End of Day 6, still no answer from Mr. Mayr so tomorrow its go – no go time for ole Doug, Crap or get off the pot!

Rich brought the tank back this evening and it looks great! I’m ready to move on getting things painted and reassembled.

Some parts arrived so it was time to drag my kart out of the trailer and into the Garage at Rich’s house. We removed bodywork and all the wheels and front hubs/rotors to use on the F-125 Project kart. Setting up ride height, track width & wheelbase before welding the bearing hangars on the chassis. Been making some progress and noting dimensional positioning of the 4 corners, its starting to take some form! Getting excited about that kart, may just go 10/10 ths and install adjustable Caster/Camber plates on the chassis replacing the std bearing tubes. With the addition of the “L” bracket assembly to finish it off we’ll be able to dial that chassis right in! That means we make new spindles too, which probably should have been done without the change.

My kart will get king pins replaced, they are the “weight jacker” adjustable ride height type. The manufacture doesn’t make them like they did back when the originals were installed so the new set will need some “modification”!!!! That kart also needs new spindles, thankfully I got a new spare set with the kart…. they just need the Kelgate brake caliper mounts welded on.

While we are talking spindles, the Zip kart will need a set as well! My good friend Ed McGlone sent pic’s of his spindle fixture for me to replicate. The least he could do since he really didn’t want to make the spindles for me!

STILL waiting on my paint effect additives. The dang package has just not arrived at its next point of the trip. Just as well, I’d want to drop everything else to paint the new helmet if it were here!!!!

Hope Y’all are settling in to this new year. Personally I like having the distraction of the Garage and karts to keep my mind off the insanity out there.

Maybe some video next time, if this joint will play along!!!

Back Soon,