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Robert Lawson

End of day 2 and I still have yet to spray anything!

I believe everything happen for a reason. Long story short, the Chinese crap I bought didn’t work (surprise!) so I took that tank back to Rich so he can take another go at welding the crack in it. Not feeling motivated to run 1 tank through the 2 primer process I gave up and called the day early. Checking in to the FB messages I find a note from the former Zip Kart Importer. He’s interested in buying the vintage kart, to restore for his showroom collection. After some banter back & forth he says “I want it just as it is… DONT PAINT IT!!!”

So, there it is….. my pearl & flake are lost in the damn mail somewhere, the long tank needed to go back to welding, and I just had no mojo for doing 1 tank today.

The ball is in his court, I did make him a good deal and offered to deliver it up to JW’s place in Illinois (2 birds, 1 stone…) to sweeten things. I may be out of this thing without doing anything else to it.

Before all of this I spent 30 minutes on the phone with Ed at Jaguar Karts. This Zip kart will need new spindles, Ed could make them but it would be very costly. I will buy the bits and put them together here if infact the kart doesn’t sell. No biggie, I just didn’t want to go to the trouble of making a jig for 1 set. But thats how it goes with Enduros, most of the Manufactures are out of biz so you have to make this stuff yourself!

Gonna be a big week!

Back Soon!!