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Robert Lawson

Hey Y’all!

Hope everyone is well and looking forward to the new year.

I have just 4 days until the 1st and the chassis is not yet painted. It IS hanging in the paint “box” I put up in the garage. I’m waiting on some of that “low temp” aluminum brazing/soldering rod for the repair on the long fuel tank for the Vintage Kart. Other than that the tanks are sanded & prepped, all but ready for Prime & Paint. I ordered some “effects” to add to my paint and picked up the rest of the colors I was looking for. I love to paint, hate cleaning guns but love the artistic freedom to play with pearls & flake.

New wheels finally came back after being held hostage by the US-BS!!!! Just a 4 hour drive away it took the box 17 days to show up. Unwrapping one and taking it out into the natural light….. WOW, just Wow. These wheels will outshine the rest of the kart!

I have ordered a bunch of parts for the F-125 as well. After spending a few days working on the intake, the BIG carb project is finished! Now need to set ride height of the chassis, measure thrice, then weld the bearing hangars on the rear, then start to work on engine mounting system. With Daytona running this week (and learning from some mistakes we are hearing about down there) I’m super excited about getting the Daytona kart built and shook down this Summer, ready to go for Daytona 2021…. GOD Willing!

Hanging in there, we’ll know shortly exactly where our Country and World will be headed and hopefully go back to making plans to do things!

Peace Folks,