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Robert Lawson

We are getting muscled by Car Guys!

Sam gave away our week 2 date in April AND our 3rd weekend in Oct.

So its April 3-4 for weekend days, or, the Fridays of (2nd, 9th, or 16th) everything else in April is gone. Y’all know I’m UP for a Monday-Thursday so keep that in mind for later into the Spring/Summer for getting better weather. As of right now, I told Sam to hold the 3-4 for us and we’ll just have to see how it goes. There will be no fighting over Monday-Thursdays, just working around the State Police dates out there.

Besides the Vintage kart and the 125 Project I have lined up some “parts” to test the next time out….. and its not even Christmas Yet!!!!!!

Much, much more to come…..