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Robert Lawson

We shipped out JW’s seat this AM and then took the day off.

Rich brought the Tanks back yesterday so tomorrow its back to it! Fab & weld the pan tabs and add support to the seat bottom. Dress up a few welds and it’s ready for paint. Tanks will need just a tiny bit of filler but they turned out pretty good considering their condition. Will have to decide what to do with the new helmet to as it will get the same paint as the tanks…. 3 birds, 1 rock. Love to paint, hate to clean guns! Typical I guess, so I’ll try to get as much prepped to go as I can.

Started my list for April. Yes, I have names for April already! Will get firm dates this week but I’m already getting fired up for it. Working on Big Carb and Big Pipe to test on the 125 AND running bodywork on the 4 banger & dressed up Zip kart.

Its THAT time of the year….. everything just makes you itchy!!!

Back Soon,