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Robert Lawson

I sent the Zip kart tanks to Rich, he is welding up the flaws and metal finishing them at work. The chassis is just waiting for the pan tabs to be welded on.

I took on a quick project this week that has all of that sitting in wait. Ya know, cause I was ahead of schedule!!!!

John West came over on Tuesday and I put him in a form and foamed up a seat casting for his Laydown 250. I’ll be laying that up Saturday and shipping it out Monday.

I did go out and get a catalyzed Urethane primer for the Zip chassis. Now a choice must be made on which color to paint it!!! Waiting on the wheels to return yet. I did see the sample… they do look sweet. This car is gonna turn some heads when its finished!

Starting to reassemble by the 1st is looking good. Got lots of things lined up to do, hope we actually get to play with these things in the Spring.

Chin Up Y’all, I’m praying for Ya!!!