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Robert Lawson

Wow, well…. uh, hmmmm…….

Just when you you think humanity cant do anymore damage, we have an election. The burning down of the Country that I truly expected has not happened…. yet. Its coming though, because this is far from over.


Thinking better of thrashing to prep for a Vintage ride at Daytona. Not going to bother. Instead, I’m taking a road trip and doing some shopping tomorrow! Off to South Bend IN. to buy a couple Yamaha’s for the Zip kart to eat next year. If you LOVE your kart you should keep it well fed!!!!

The Doc checked me out, answered ALL my questions and even showed me the surgery on video…. right on his phone! 4 more weeks of “easy”….. no ab or core activity other than the everyday movement/motion. I can cut grass (push the mower), rake leaves (carefully) but not pick them up, and “play lightly” in the garage, but no lifting at all….. 20 lb max.

To stay distracted from the World out there I’ll keep pluggin away until the SHTF or April arrives…. and we go back to the Track!

Hang in there Y’all!