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Robert Lawson

I visit the Dr on Thursday and will find out how things went during Surgery AND what my new level of restrictions will be going forward. This sitting around has me shopping like a Teen girl during Prom season!!!!

Have not purchased anything but have tried cutting some sweet deals, what do I have to lose??? Been trying to steal some things offered OBO…. its actually good fun!

I think the Vintage Racing is going to be a heck of a lot of fun. That group seems to be growing. I just want to enjoy Karting again, racing the Zip kart will bring some of that “Old Days” feeling back. I’ll build that F-125 anyway and we’ll keep it and our current kart waxed up and waiting for a time to play with them but that class is all but dead these days. Part of me wants to try to build that class back up, but I know what has hurt it and nothing short of rule changes will help to get guys interested in it again. Not sure I want to put in that much effort.

Got the 6 orange samples from the Powder Coating Co. this week. I finally found a tint/shade/effect I like….. but now I think I’ll only use it on wheels! We will paint the Zip chassis and tanks and put some crazy cool wheels on it.

Daytona, even after the med haze has cleared, is still in play. Just waiting out the result of how the kooks & nuts will handle the news Tuesday night and what our post Nov 3 world looks like. Don’t want to make a habit out of taking a firearm with me on the road to a race track because of psycho “protesters”.

Hang in there Y’all.