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Robert Lawson

It must be the meds…..But I cant stop thinking about Daytona!

To be honest I hate the drive down there and I really have nothing I want to race….. maybe its because, Ugh…. mah belly hurts.

When you “cant” you want to…. when I’m able, I’ll probably forget all about it.

I did order up some powder coating swatches/samples to look at. May as well LOOK while I’m racked up here. Might just run a chassis or 2 and some wheels over to Jim Anthony and get some color on this stuff. The new F-125 will need a bunch of fab before we can get it in color so it may be a couple month yet. But gotta plan things out for when I can get out and do it while sitting here waiting to heal.

I’ll shoot a clip when I get these samples, they are super cool 2 stage powder coat.

I survived, I think, Ugh…. I’m gonna laydown!