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Robert Lawson

Was “geared up” mentally for Gallbladder surgery/removal today, got rescheduled for Friday so…….

I got a mess to clean up in the garage! Rich helped me to hurriedly set the place up for Winter, stacking karts and storing totes/bins. Still have quite a bit of stuff to arrange and store away so I’ll be out there today getting that done. I may tear the Zip Kart down today/tomorrow too, that will free up room to “create”!!!!

Every year I say “I’m doing this…” and it still sits. The first page here is proof of that! We decided to leave the 4 banger chassis unpainted, that will save a ton of time. We are replacing king pins on the Hot Rod, that’s not as easy as it sounds. They are adjustable ride height (weight jacking) king pins and the design has been changed by the manufacture from the originals I have. Its a clearance issue with the brake hub/rotor. I may also install the new spindles I have too, which will need brake caliper mounts and hours of fitting/finessing to keep the overall track width the same and clear the chassis & bits up front there. Then, there is this Other f-125….. build it up, tear it down, paint & reassemble, seat, bodywork, floor tray, etc…. Ugh! I have a bunch of fiberglass work to finish somewhere in there as well.

All that said,¬†April will be here before you know it. I won’t go full on with any of this until we see what will become of our World in 2 weeks.

Hang in there Y’all!