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Robert Lawson

Got some video uploading now… 3 in car clips and 21 hand held recordings!

Friday afternoon/evening I set up the course with entrance, apex and exit cones for visual aid. My toes, fingers and face were numb, lip is chapped, joints ache, it was rough!

Short story, it was cold and wet Saturday AM, it took until Noon to get the new pavement in T1 dry enough to run on, sent Rich out in the new kart as a test dummy to see if it was good for the group to go…. he spun in THE PADDOCK at the bottom of the hill!!! It was all good from there on out. The 4 banger had a few different drivers try it out before the fuel pump took a dump and I got 3 rides in the Zip Kart before it blew up and it was STILL a good day!

We busted A$$ to get the place in shape to run.

Thanks to the guys that drove their vehicles around or picked up a broom to help….. AND the Marshals that took action and grabbed the side-by-side with a blower and jumped in too!

Bob Cole was our Pick up driver, Rich & Kenny made announcements so I could play, Curt Faasen prepared a great spread of Groceries for us and Jan Pasteiner baked us some fudge/butterscotch scones that went VERY WELL with the Coffee!!!!

Thanks to everyone for their patients, and, keeping others in mind and making good choices on track keeping our Safety Record at a Perfect 100%!

Ill post links for video and pic’s soon!!!!