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Robert Lawson

One day this website is going to self destruct!

Did you notice there was a “new post” #109530…. but you can’t see it???

I got tired of trying to post a video so I just wrote a nice message and included the link in Plain Text…. so it would go through. I then decided to alter the post with another link but forgot to make it Plain Text and POOF…like a Fart in the Wind, its gone!!!!!!

It doesn’t matter how I do it, Cut & Paste, Copy & Paste, Copy URL, “Insert a Link” from the menu above…… it just doesn’t work. Can’t figure out HOW I did it a couple weeks ago!

Anyway, I plan on having the trailer back together on Saturday. I’ll have about 3 days to get all 3 karts finished up and ready to go.

Boys, it looks like a single day gig at this point. I plan to drive out Friday and NOT return until Sunday. I’m planning Dinner for everyone Saturday directly following On Track activity at 5PM. You can dine & dash, take out, or eat/relax/hang and campfire with me. Again, who knows what will come after this election so LIVE IT UP while you can!!!!

More to Come!!!