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Robert Lawson

As much thinkin out loud or “talking to myself” I’ve been doing while working on this kart we just bought you’d think I had multiple personalities!!!

I remember all the reasons why I got out of clutch karts…. and have been chastising myself, while working on it ever since!!!!

I have accepted that the Trailer Body will not get paint before Grattan so that actually takes a bit of pressure off. Still have plenty to do though, on Karts AND getting the rig back to road ready.

Right now, we have enough cash & commitments to do a single day. We’ll keep all options open until the call must be made. Looking at Accuweather way out to the 17th yesterday it said H 71!!!

I hope we get a super nice day (or 2!) out there, with the uncertainty of what is past Nov it will be a nice gift!!!¬†Take advantage while you can Y’all, there are NO guarantees of any freedoms these days!