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Robert Lawson

Back home here, I’m just drained…. beautiful day but very very long!

Rich helped me off load the kart, I sat in it while it was still in the bed of the truck. It needs A LOT of help! There is so many things “wrong” with it I may have to park it until April. We’ll see, but with all the other things that MUST be done to go to Grattan…. this may not make the cut.

I may catch hell but I dont care, I dont like that place….. the paddock is very confusing, the announcements were for $hit, you cant see ANY of the track without intentionally walking to a place to look and then you cant see much. Dont care how cool the layout is, the place stressed me out the way its randomly set up.

Needless to say, I wont be going back there. And, no one will miss us!

Its back to work tomorrow. The 3 weeks will fly right by.

IF you intend to do the Test Day with us please dont wait to send something off, I’m stressed out enough already!