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Robert Lawson

Been busting a$$ on the trailer here and chasing down parts for the new kart. Hoping to run that kart at Pitt this weekend.

Heading out EARLY Friday AM, solo, in the truck with some clothes, gear bag, fuel jug, little cooler, sleepin bag and some gears & misc bits. No tools, no stand, no starter, no pop up, won’t even be able to put air in the tires!!! Its not all bad though, Ronnie Lorang and I have known one another since we were both 5-6 years old running around at race tracks all over the country…. he’s gonna hook me up!!! I’ll work on this thing all day Friday, IF I can fit in it without needing fabrication!!! If I can get it together, its track ready and safe, I’ll enter a Vintage class and run it. If necessary I’ll enter a Sunday Race and get Saturday AM practice too. I have not run the additional course, my experience was on the old Original layout so I may need the extra time. Its been more than 25 years since I slipped a clutch, and, I have no experience with the Mickey-Mouse Walbro carb that is completely a$$ backward from anything I DO remember from the old days!!!!

Sleeping in Ron’s trailer, no coffee, cooler food, completely unprepared with a kart I have not yet seen…..

Should be fun!!!!!