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Robert Lawson

Well, you know what they say about “the best laid plans”!!!

We got every lap of AM practice Saturday morning, I was SO prepped that I was 1st on track 2 of the 3 rounds!!! We all knew rain was forecast for the afternoon so I went to Dave and asked if the race 5 “enduros” could be combined with the race 3 “enduros” to avoid the coming rain. He checked it out and hooked us up!

We would go 1st after lunch…..

The new headrest didn’t work with my old-old helmet, even after making an adjustment to add height with additional padding. 3rd run was with the new-old helmet and it was as if I had new glasses or something!!! Never once touched my helmet to pull it down…. When you can see, even over rough surfaces, you can haul ass!!!!!

The old VL/RVS 125 is still super fast. The kart was perfect, braking, handling, just everything. The tune was fat and broke up in 5th-6th gear and I still have an issue with my data. With limited time due to moving up in race order I swapped Temp 1 & Temp 2 for the race to see if the issue followed the change but as you see we never got back out. Will simply change out the unit for another, I have 2 more MyChron 2’s. 1 being factory refurbished and never run so we’ll see if it was simply the data collection itself. These units are old, many years of vibration will take its toll eventually!

Sunday AM had track drying take up a bunch of time and left just a single run for each group. The track was still wet so I just called it a weekend and started packin up.

Back home, working on the trailer again!!! Going to PITT next weekend, thought about bringing the F-125 for a sec, then thought better of it. We’ll run her again next month at Grattan, Which by the way, MAY have some surface repairs done before we get there!!!!!

More to come!!!

RPM (stay dry, rain sucks!!)