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Robert Lawson

Things are moving along very nicely.

The test/tune has good momentum, our trailer upgrades are coming along, and the headrest project for the F-125 is DONE! We will test it at Gingerman in just 2 weeks!

In the mean time the 4 banger is going to Grattan, probably half naked. And, I did it again…. I mentioned back a bit that I would “buy a kart” if it was the right deal and… I did! Barring any surprises it will be at Grattan as well. I was fortunate enough to have Brandon Schenkel agree to pick it up or I wouldn’t have done it. We will take possession at PITT when we meet him to make the hand off. Its a Vintage Zip Eagle “American” ENDURO. I was attracted right away to its Lineage and History of the Zip brand plus being a Euro version of a purely American formula… the Laydown Chassis. DAP built some US style Laydowns back in the 80’s as well but none of these Euro manufactures could justify continuing to do so for more than a couple years. So, there are not a ton of them around… and we got one that is ready to run as is! Yes, we will “RPM” that bad boy…. returning it to its OEM color and “tidy’n” it up a bit.

I have 2 other karts here to build now so I really have no idea what I was thinkin! Maybe its time to play with the 4 and the Vintage a bit and do a badly needed refurbish of the TSR while building up that 2nd F-125 too? Either way, we have karts to play with at these Test/Track Days and that’s all that matters. Dang…… I might need a Storage Unit!!!

Hang in there Folks….