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Robert Lawson

I am now accepting entry’s for the October 17-18 test days at Grattan.

As always, if we don’t get all we need to do the 2 days we will condense and lease a single day. Weather permitting, I would assume that to be the Saturday date. Only time will tell.

We will not be up charged for the weekend, same as we were not rebated for the Mon-Tues in June! So, same price as the Spring program.

$225 single day
$325 weekend

The Brasher Bros are the first to pony up for a weekend! The Pasteiner Family was right behind and is coming for a double as well. Some of our regulars will not be able to make it as CES has rescheduled its early race at Gateway to the weekend after us. Will be hitting up James “Rusty” Ferguson to promote for us at Newcastle as he is the Head Flagman for Stars or some touring Series. Why make the trip if we got a guy on the inside right??!!!  Hopefully he can get his rig out for some lapping with us too.

The 4 banger is so close to being track ready but I have decided to leave it home from G-man in a couple weeks and have it put through its paces at Grattan instead. I just hate operating on the rev limiter, it takes the fun out of it ya know? So I’ll get the trailer in order, get the hot rod prepped up, and we’ll go find out if our new headrest assembly will work…. and that H2O temp data issue.

Looking forward to offering Y’all a nice Brisket & Fixin’s meal this time!!!

I’ll take Ck or MO, Paypal too.

More soon,