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Robert Lawson

I’m getting email, text, and calls on the Dates for our October Test!

The attention makes me want to run right out and start pushing info fliers. Thinking about it more, I believe 2 trips may be necessary and maybe adding a trip to Newcastle as well.  Wish I had a connection to some Vintage enduro guys, the track day format would be ideal for the kart guy that doesn’t care to do the race event “dance”.

This is a quote from Nov 3rd 2019, post #150356 right here in this thread:

“Because I have a different view of the “new  found collaboration” of Karting Orgs and Clubs, sharing race events, many will not understand why I think this is a stinker for “us” the customer or end user. There is far more to this “coming together” than Multiple Orgs lending their name to an event and…. sharing the “love”. The only love that will be shared will come directly from your pocket, as Pit Passes and Entry fees will now jump considerably due to this brain storm of collectivism.

Expect a PP including Thursday “drop off” to be $45 – $50, and your Friday-Sun fee’s to be $150. Why? Because you now have 2, 3 or 4 Orgs ALL bringing “members” (cough… working together) and will want (need) to get paid for their part in it. Also, each org will be represented at said events and they will need to be paid as well.”

My point is not to say “I told you so” but to point out the extreme costs.

Going to a race event this year, single day, running 1 class, is going to cost you right about $200 with Entry, PP, and Membership… weekend or otherwise. That pays for a grand total of 62 minutes of track time for a 30 min race class or 77 minutes for an enduro class….. assuming you get 4 – 8 minute practice sessions and run every lap of each, and your race. That’s simply cost of  “track time”, please consider you will be sharing that piece of pavement and pit with 100’s of others…. 30-50 or more for just 8 minutes at a time.

The cost of “racing” will continue to go up, exponentially. We all know it and accept it, if we attend. At this point, I’m only in it for the fun and fellowship.

The above equates to this:

Single Day at Race Track w/assumed practice time

30 min race = $3.22 per min on track. Not bad!
45 min race = $2.59 per min on track. Pretty Good!!!

These are not bad values for the $$$!

Single Day Private Testing (only 7 hrs, after sub 1 hr for lunch)

420 minutes @ $225 per driver = .53 cents per min on track. Umm, hmm…

That just doesn’t seem fair…………..

I hope none of these Sprint Folks I’ll be handing a flier to ask me about the cost of “Racing” on the big tracks, because, its not good news. Is it?

Back Soon,