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Robert Lawson

Pluggin’ away Folks!!!

Took bike ad off net, too many jabronies trying to low ball me. The kid made a total of 3 appointments to buy the bike and had an excuse each time. Too bad, so sad… Puffy is KEEPING his Bike!!!!

Off to the Composite Supply stocking up for short term, will have to revisit next month for sure!

Everything is in place to get our rear doors back on this weekend. Sat-Sun only time I have enough help to hold things in place… Shim them up, measure 5 times, mark them, measure again…… then hold breath and drill holes! Its gonna take 3 guys for sure.

Karts are coming together, the F-125 just had the new headrest idea being added but the 4 banger had unfinished business. Much of that done now too, headrest’s are mounted just working on padding them up. Should certainly get both out to Gingerman in 4 weeks to unwind a bit.

Looks like waiting on the trip to East Lansing Kart Track will be the best move. Catching um’ at the end of their season will keep Grattan fresh in their mind!

New helmet arrived, too small even though I followed their chart…. I knew it. Sent it back, new replacement came and will do the job. Not crazy about the feel but like jumping in new shoes….. you always miss the feel of your fav’s! It will be fine, gotta find time to get paint on it now.

Gotta plan for Daytona IF in fact we are allowed to go…..

Will alter what I have, cool stuff under the body too that we had planned for the new stuff may be incorporated in this “prototype”. Will still be 1 of a kind but not equipped with all the whistles & bells we intended for the new kart.

Hope some of you are planning for October, either after Pitt or just before the Snow comes!!! Will be a fun time for sure, man I can taste that Brisket now!!!

Still losing weight, gotta lower the steering on the Hot Rod!!!!