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Robert Lawson

A few new issues have come up in the past week.

Cherri and I both are wearing wrist braces, I think mine is actually getting better and hers…. well, that car accident she was in was pretty serious. I just twisted mine real good with a drill! Che’ will get an MRI and maybe surgery, me…. I’m going to drive at Gingerman!!!!

The new GoPro was a flash in the pan. It needed “updates” to work and record properly and I just didn’t have the patients to work through it. Sent it back and will probably just wait awhile to look at another one.

The same kid that backed out on the bike purchase has made another appointment to come and get it Wednesday so we’ll just have to see what happens. The bike is good fun, and, if Rich had one we could go at it. But, riding alone is all I’ve done with this bike and its just time to send it down the road. I’ll never forget going to Atlanta to buy it from Jim Brannon at Freewheelin’ Honda! The dealership has been sold but the memories of that trip live on!!

Sell the bike and I can build more karts!!!!

Speaking of karts I have found a few that have been sitting, now for sale. I may just buy one to resell, maybe a couple! Building the new kart for Daytona just feels unlikely now. Think of all the major City’s we would have to pass through on the way to Fla from MI. That’s a lot of highway riots and I have 4WD…. yeah, so, why spend my every last waking hour busting my ass to not get to go anyway?

I hurt the wrist drilling the tap-drill holes for the rear trailer door hinges. Yes, I finished them all, but that 2nd to last one bit me! You have to be super careful with this Dewalt 1/2″ drill… its a torque monster and has hurt me at least 2 other times. I knew better to become complacent using it annnnnd it got me!!

So, doors still not on. Door frame is all in primer though, just a bit of scuff & mask and I can paint that, get door seal installed and work on getting the doors hung all this week, GOD willing! Will have to paint the body of the trailer after Gman and before testing in Oct. The rest can be done after…..we did have 50 deg weather in December last year!!!

Cher and I will be taking our Niece and Nephew to the track for their first time at Gingerman. They are so excited…. they just want to see the little fridge workin’ & full of goodies, sleeping in the trailer, and watchin “Uncle Bub” racin’! Braydon wants a go kart…. which means his sister does too…! They are too young for track action but we have a chassis, components and engine so maybe we’ll get them to that BIG parking lot….

Getting good interest in the October gig at Grattan. I think the F125 class may make a regional comeback!

Cher will work me up a nice flier to make that trip out to ELKT, hope to do that soon.

And, lastly, when I went to Grattan to meet Tony H we talked briefly about his weight loss, then more since in email and phone convo’s. I have been on the Keto diet for about 2.5 weeks, 20 days maybe total.  The first 4-5 just climbing in and working on cutting the carbs down before completely out. Its amazing, I’m eating all the meat & cheese I want, eggs, greens, and even low or no carb snacks. And I’ve lost 8 lbs…..doing nothing! I had to work my tail off at that gym for an hour straight daily for 4 months and lost 20lbs. Not being able to go back I just kinda hovered at -20 for 2 more months but then started to gain a couple LBS. I giggle each time I get on the scale….its just fallin off!

I’ll be super comfy in the kart next month and on my way back to where I was when I quit smoking.

The world is upside down Y’all. Wrong is Right, evil is good, the normal get arrested and the extreme get a pass….. so, knowing these things are Biblical in nature……. I do Pray for all of You!!!!

Until Next Time,