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Robert Lawson

Did not make the trip to Nelson.

The race group the 4 banger runs in is sketchy…. Vintage Twins, 3 TAG classes, 206’s, more vintage karts, Yamaha enduros, etc, etc,etc…. many stories/incidences of guys getting taken out or just roughed up by overzealous guys point racing for a piece of plastic.

We’ll take it to Gingerman but probably will not run it there either. Just have to wait¬† see, if the turn out is slim in that group then you never know. I’ll take it to the Community College right round the block here for a shake down….HUGE parking lot dead empty!!!!

Been super busy but took the day off and rode the CBR all day. Back and Bike feel good, thought I was selling it tomorrow but the guy backed out. Its all good, back at it tomorrow. Painting and trying to get these beautiful new rear doors on the trailer this weekend!!!

Back Soon!