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Robert Lawson

Well, the weather was fantastic out at Grattan. Saturday there was a good stiff breeze out of the West that had a nice cool feel to it.

Took some Trackside clips with the old Gopro, not ideal for that but it was more my commentary on what was happening!!!

Not surprised they were combining classes and race groupings, it was visibly down in participation from the past 3 years or so. I got there before lunch break and watched the combined enduro race group that had 250’s, F-125, 100 controlled/PP/Y pipe. Here is a clip of the first few minutes:


Had some overheating issue with the GoPro after sitting it on my tonneau cover. i actually had to put it in my cooler for a few minutes so it would record again!!! That explains the missing video action I speak of it the 2nd clip. I have to¬†apologize to Dave & Patty HECHLER….. We just always think of Patty as a Heinrich!

Hope my buddy Harry West is ok, he dropped out of this race after getting the elbow of his driving suit wound up around the starter nut on his TM KV95 and it literally tore his suit off!! Got a bad hematoma on his right arm, said it pulled him out of his seat!!!

Back to it today, I actually got my Euro rear brake hub/rotor squared away yesterday and will try to get it installed this afternoon. It looks like loading the 4 banger in the truck and roughin it at Nelson is a possibility. Rich just got called back to work so he can’t get off to go and I really want to see this thing run. Driving it myself is NOT out of the question!!!! The F-125 would be too much to do on the fly like this so Gingerman is looking more and more likely. Buys me more time with the trailer projects too.