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Robert Lawson

Got all of Tony’s parts ready to go so I’ll be heading out to Grattan Saturday AM to meet and hangout for a bit. No time to make up a flier for ELKT so that will come another weekend.

LOTS to do yet in prep for Nelson though!!!

Hope the mask issue resolves itself by then. If not, it just buys me more time to get the trailer fully finished and we’ll just head to Gingerman instead.

I have also been calling around to guys with karts just sitting…. trying to find guys to buy them and put um to use! I may just snag 1 or 2 myself if I can get them cheap enough. Don’t care about making a dime, just getting more guys out to the track.

I’ll take the cams with me and try to get some clips of the races from outside T1. Weather looks great for Early July, low to mid 80’s! Its been in the 90’s the last few years.

More coming…