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Robert Lawson

Heading out to Grattan Saturday morning. Bringing a Pop-Up and a couple chairs, a cooler with some refreshments and maybe something to BBQ.

Anyone want to hang out and spectate with us you are welcome to pull up some shade Track Side, at T1, and enjoy a few hours of Karting action… free of charge! We won’t be going inside.

The MX track will be maxed out along with the Road Course, T1 will be the only place to comfortably sit without being run over!! Spoke to Curt this AM and we should have no problem setting up there.

With the weather being so hot I’m not going to try to paint & clear coat the trailer until things settle down. Working on karts today, just the little stuff though. The bones in my lumbar hurt… this should have been healed by now, no? Anyway, sitting just makes it worse so I’m outta here!!

This is what I have been up to:

Talk soon!