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Robert Lawson

We continue moving through the pile of work we took on.

I’m laying up a full set of bodywork this week, have not done that in at least 6-7 years!!! That set will be delivered to Tony H. at Grattan. Will do a 2nd set heading to Chicago in the following weeks and a “custom set” for my new F-125 with new style side panels before long as well. Its Summer time, prime time for the composite projects. Without a controlled temp shop doing this stuff  in the Winter never produces anything consistent. Lots of other small bits to do too, trailer fenders for sure and Briggs Kart stuff between finishing the cosmetic work to the trailer and painting it.

So Grattan in July is out for us. I’ll go up to drop off Tony’s bits but won’t go inside or stay for more than a couple hours. We are full-on working to get to Nelson, Ill even put off the trailer Paint job to make it.

There is talk of a reunion over there….. some Old Guys threatening to get together!!! It will be a must go! Besides, I really want to see this 4 banger out on the track, and, before our Test in October so any bugs can be fixed.

Hittin’ it hard first thing in the AM….. now, I need sleepy!

Back Soon!