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Robert Lawson

I’ve never been comfortable sitting up. In the CIK/SK it was very comfortable, that seat was leaned back almost like a laydown. Problem was it didn’t lap as quick as the laydown. Tried to keep that kart to a 45″ max width…. it won’t handle like that! We eventually widened the rear until the handling was super good but again, we were a full 3-4 seconds slower because you then had to drive it like a CIK…. like an indoor kart!

After hearing from the boys at M-O about the crashing, wrecking, and Ambulance runs this afternoon (Sat.) I won’t be driving that CIK kart after all! Maybe on a track day but not in a darn crowd, just stupid decisions being made out there.

We’ll concentrate on a new better headrest to keep our helmet down in front and supported side to side…. hopefully that helps!

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